Does your baby have a body image problem?

03/27/2008 By Shawn Burns

Erin loves food. She also hates food. She alternates between scarfing down everything on her tray, and flinging food over the side onto the floor.

I’m sure that’s normal. Every baby probably has the same kind of love-hate relationship with their comestibles.

But how can you tell if your baby has an eating disorder?

Erin loves playing with her mirror, and at 11 months old she may understand that it is a reflection of herself that she is seeing (I haven’t tried the smudge-on-face test yet, so I can’t be sure). But I worry that she is trying to improve the way she looks so she can snag some coveted baby modeling gig.

You see, my daughter might be bulimic.

After nearly every meal she sticks at least one finger down her throat until she gags. Then she looks up at me and laughs, and her eyes say “This will make me prettier, dad.”

I think it’s my fault. I told her last week that she has chunky thighs.

Hey kid. You will always be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Now eat your cheese and carrot ravioli.


Seriously, though. What’s up with the gagging?