The List

05/04/2008 By Shawn Burns

Have you seen The List?

A few weeks ago Danny Evans at Dad Gone Mad invited all of his readers to post links to their blogs, and then encouraged all of them to spread some bloggy love.

Well, earlier this week Dee Dee at Random Daily Ramblings compiled a single list of all of those blogs and posted them.

She was then challenged by Heather to visit and comment on all of them. She accepted the challenge (on the condition that Heather do so as well).

While they were busy challenging each other I went ahead and finished The List.

It took days, and my daughter has been in the same diaper since Thursday, and I think she’s had to teach herself to cook, and my wife has since fled to Seattle and Chicago in succession.

But it was worth it.

I met a ton of great bloggers out there in the world (many of whom were already daily reads for me, some of whom are now daily reads for me). I won’t post individual links, because I want all of you to go and traverse the list. Do it at your own pace (because my pace might be considered child neglect). You don’t have to let them know that they’re on the list, although they might know already. Just leave a comment: a hi, a hey, a “that’s hilarious” or “great picture” (my two favourites).

And, if you are really masochistic, turn on the “e-mail follow-up comments” function of the blogs you hit. Oh my god, I’ll be going through my inbox for days.

One upside to doing that, though, is you can see who’s following along behind you. Currently in second place on the Race to Finish the List is Mad Woman Meg. I’ve seen her dogging my steps for days. But she didn’t have the benefit of naptimes coinciding with no hockey (the Red Wings swept the Avalanche on Thursday, so I have to wait until next week for their next round).

Another thing about doing The List is the chain-letter-type bloggy love you get in return. Sure I had to comment on over a hundred blogs over the last few days; it was fun. But in return I also had a ton of new visitors myself.

Now, if only it hadn’t been the “Stand-Up Tragedy” post that they landed on :}

Now, if anyone is any good at designing Blog Badges maybe you could throw together a “I’m on The List” badge that links to Dee Dee’s site, or a “I Completed the List” badge.

For me. Because I did it.

Your turn.