The Mundane Details

05/08/2008 By Shawn Burns

I was asked by AnnaC if I could point her to a post I’ve done about running errands, or going shopping, or other things that I might do as an at home dad, and that I might experience differently than an at home mom.

I’ve tried writing a straight post about that kind of stuff, and I just can’t do it. If you are genuinely curious about how dads approach the day-to-day stuff I recommend checking out At Home Dad, a forum for guys like me who like to make friends with other at home dads and who also look to give and receive advice on parenting, support for gripes, and encouragement to those who are new to at home dadness.

If you do visit, keep in mind that this is a male environment: that’s a warning, not a restriction. You can contribute on the site if you are not a dad, or not male; but you will be reading posts by dads talking to other dads in a kind of "safe zone", where we appreciate the freedom we have on that site to talk about problems with, we presume, an audience who will be sympathetic from the start. It’s actually pretty tame, but the perspective is dad-sided. So, explore at your leisure; use your discretion. And try not to hold anything a dad says to another dad against him. A lot of it might just be guy-crap.

So, that’s my plug. If you are curious about SAHD perspectives on things it’s a great place to go look. And the posts are generally honest.

But please, pay no attention to the constant comments on how pretty I am or how I’m always making out with moms.  That, uh, thing with Awkward Moment Mom only happened once.

I am pretty, though. And my mommy says I’m cool, and the most handsomest boy in school.