New Blog

10/30/2008 By Shawn Burns

So, for those who aren’t “in the know” (which, by the way, is a fantastic expression, noun-ifying as it does “know”) I have started writing in a new blog.

Because I have so much unfettered temporality that I can sit around and write in yet another space.

While much of the point of this here blog has always been carve the world at its joints and find stories that are lying around, stories born in truth for one value of “truth”, stories inspired by a world that is interesting all on its own, the point of the new blog is to invent the world, to see what happens when I close my eyes and think the world interesting.

The new blog is called Zombie Daddy. It’s not as nice as this one.

I made reference to the “in the know” crowd earlier because I thought I had already outed myself as the author of Zombie Daddy, but Mr. Lady linked to the new blog all unawares and I felt guilty about the deception. After I stopped laughing.

(Editor’s Note: As Emily has rightly pointed out, the Zombie Daddy concept was hers. I think. I don’t remember the conversation. But if she says so, then that’s how it was, right? I win at husband.)