11/02/2008 By Shawn Burns

I’ve been a terrible citizen lately, and I’ve been called on it. I have been taking, and doing a lot of shouting, but doing very little conversing and interacting. The strength of a society lies in the coordination of its members; the coordination of interests, the accommodation of radically different interests; the identification of incompatible interests. And that coordination takes interaction, communication.

And I haven’t been doing my share.

But, hell. Maybe it only seems like I haven’t been doing my share lately because I was so over-participatory before. You could hardly go anywhere without seeing a little bit of graffiti that I’d left behind, declaring my favour or disfavour toward something somebody said in the society. Maybe I’ve cut back to normal levels for a member of society.

Or maybe I am just inconsiderate.

In any case I don’t see being any better about it in the near future. I can’t participate at the level that I used to, and I can’t bring myself to tailor my participation to the needs of the individual members of the community.

I can and will only operate whimsically and opportunistically, not strategically.

In case I’m being too cryptic I’m talking about blogs, blogging, commenting, etc….I haven’t even been as good about replying to comments on my own blog as I used to be, and I’ve been much, much worse about commenting on the blogs I have on my blogroll, and I’ve been much, much, much worse about commenting on blogs written by people who stop by here. I participate as time and fancy co-ordinate.

So. I’m a bad blog citizen right now. I don’t know what else to tell you.