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12/03/2008 By Shawn Burns

I still can’t quite believe that it ever happened. I kind of remember the flight to JFK, and walking around New York, and taking my shirt off a couple of times in what they assured me was a photographer’s studio.

My surreal memories notwithstanding I have confirmation that I really did go to New York one weekend in the fall of 2008. And I don’t just mean my annoying Tweeting about it. No, the Hot Blogger Calendar (2009) is shipping out and you can order yours now!

There is a calendar full of crazy Hot Ladies, like Amy (Permission to Peruse), Jill Notkin (The Daily Grind), Miss Britt, Chic Shopper Chick, Katja Presnal, and Casey (Moosh in Indy), to name just a few of the ladies I know in real life.

But the one you’ll be wanting to get your squeeing little hands on (because I know who reads this y’ere blog) is the one full of crazy Hot Guys, like Jim (Busy Dad), Peter Shankman, and NYC Watchdog (again, namedropping people I’ve met in real life, although I’ve also met Wil Wheaton in real life and he totally isn’t in the calendar).

Oh, and me. I’m heating up September. My number is 9, folks, and 9 is the number of the month whence I’ll be staring at you. And my page is special, because it comes with a tiny, tiny, tiny webcam that will let me see into whatever room my page is in. That’s right. Just as your dog is staring at me, I’ll be staring right back. It’s a special feature only available to the calendars purchased by first clicking on the link over on the right where it says "Click Here". (Editor’s Note: None of that is true. There is no camera. Relax and/or stop posing in front of the picture and/or stop trying to make me look at what your kid threw up into that cup.)

I think I’ll donate all proceeds from this to charity. Because that’s what you do with this sort of thing, right? So here I’m accepting nominations for charities to donate the money to (I’m going to make you do-gooders fight it out over who dos the goodest). I’ll decide by this Saturday at 11:59pm PST which charity/cause the money will go to (and I may trump all of you and pick one on my own).

Further, I will be using the calendars as a giveaway. I don’t know how many I’ll give away, but I’ll do at least one, starting right now!

What the hell does the title of this post mean/refer to?

Answer that question in the comments (in the same comment you recommend a charity or in a different one; your choice) and you will be entered into a random drawing for your very own 2009 Hot Blogger Calendar (The Guys). And I’ll autograph it for you if you want. Or write a poem for you. Or draw a moustache on Jim’s picture. Whatever you want to have happen (within reason, of course). Contest ends on Saturday December 6th at 11:59pm PST.