O Hai Eight Is

01/02/2009 By Shawn Burns

I went on a self-imposed vacation from the internet: stopped blogging, commenting (though I was still reading….shhh) and Tweeting, and answering e-mails sporadically or not at all. Because I don't care. I'm cool; you can tell because I say that I don't care when I really do and then act like I don't and sabotage my own integrity and self by not doing things I like just to confirm how much I don't like them.

I actually "owe" a couple of posts. Not to you. You can go to hell. But I owe a video post/review of a little camera I was given and took with me to Disneyland. Corporate-sellout blogging comes before sappy posts about my daughter handing my wife a candy cane and saying "Open candy pease." I also owe a guest post to Sarcastic Mom. And I owe a guest post to Sarah Morgan (from I think 2007).

But they'll just have to wait. Screw the corporate Man! And the non-corporate Women.

Actually, see how I didn't link to them? That's not out of shame. I can't. I'm writing this on my Blackberry because at the end of my vacation from the internet I broke my laptop and now it has to be sent off to be fixed and although all of that is free because I bought a kickass warranty two years ago I don't get a loaner so I will be computer-less for another week-and-a-half to two weeks.

If you need me I'll be over here. Send me an e-mail so I don't get bored.

Geeky Twitter Aside:

I love my Blackberry, and Twitterberry is a neat application but I follow over a thousand people and I can only do that with any success at all by using Tweetdeck. Without my laptop I'm limited to "@" replies and DMs, and if I pull the DMs with Twitterberry I can't reply directly unless I type "d whateveryournameis" and that's enough of a pain in the ass that I don't reply to DMs on my Blackberry that often. "@" replies yes.

So, if you really want to send me a message in the next couple of weeks (and I encourage you to do so, because I get lonely if I don't have a thousand people wondering what I'm doing) and you actually want a reply, then send me an e-mail. My Blackberry kicks ass at e-mail.

My daughter also asks for "mo' candy", "mo' cooookie", "mo' cake" and "mo' joooce". She has all of her teeth and they're all sweet.

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