Unexpectedly Stupid Move While Storing Pork Chops in the Freezer

09/14/2010 By Shawn Burns

I have these wire shelves in my freezer. I suppose what they’re good for is preventing things from pooling or something. But what they are really good for is getting wrapped around by unfrozen things that are on their way to being frozen.

Pork Chops

I toss things in the freezer with reckless abandon and they freeze into weird shapes all the time. That isn’t usually a problem because I do slow-thaws in the fridge rather than quick-thaws in the microwave where the weird shape might affect thaw rates. But I never considered the very real possibility that I would end up with a pork chop that was frozen around the wire rack, requiring that I remove the entire shelf and run it under warm water just to get the bag to release itself.

And now, because I’ve started the thawing process, I have to make pork chops tonight.

What’s your favourite pork chop recipe? And will you come make it?