Erin Sets Me Straight

04/12/2011 By Shawn Burns

“This one is gooder than that one,” Erin opined as we considered sweaters to wear.

I corrected her: “‘Better’, kid. ‘Gooder’ isn’t a word. You mean ‘better’.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “‘better’ is a gooder word.”


“Fi, fie, foe…,” Erin began from the back seat as we drove to the park for the morning. Then she stopped.

“Fum,” I added. “It’s “Fi, fie, foe, fum. I smell the blood of an Englishmun.” I hurried past “blood” and emphasized “mun”.

“What’s an Englishmun?” she asked.

“An Englishmun is someone who lives in England,” I explained.

“Who lives in England?” she pressed.

I was a little stumped. She didn’t have all that much experience with English characters. Had I been thinking better I would have suggested Alice. But I missed.

“Well, Thomas lives in England,” I finally managed.

“No daddy. Thomas lives in Sodor.”


How many times have you lost to your kid today?