Hiking Pictures Part Whatever

03/19/2015 By Shawn Burns

I’ve been going out on morning hikes for a couple of months now, mostly as a way to practice taking pictures of things that don’t move very fast, like mountains and rocks and trees. Children, I’ve learned, move very fast. Strangers move even faster when you run at them with a camera and yell “YOU LOOK VERY INTERESTING CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE PLEASE STOP I’M CARRYING ALL THIS CAMERA EQUIPMENT AND IT’S VERY HEAVY I CAN’T RUN AS FAST AS YOU!”

I like taking pictures. I need things to stand still so I can take a picture of it.

For instance, here’s a tree. I liked this tree, because it looked weird.



And here’s another tree. I liked this tree, because I looked weirdly up at it.


Here’s a small brook. I slowed my shutter speed down a lot to make the water look all smokey. (Photography!)


Here’s a rock, on a mountain, overlooking a valley. The rock was very orange. That’s certainly worth a picture!


Here is a lookout. You’re supposed to stand on it and look out at the valley and at a waterfall that is usually falling away just beside it. But there’s a drought on, so how about a picture OF the lookout? You won’t get these kinds of shots from your run-of-the-mill nature and landscape photographer.


This picture proves that I was outside at some point in the past. I’m an adventurous photographer. I’m not like these other guys, who sit around in their offices all day, photoshopping pictures to make it look like they went outside. No way. I’m the real deal.


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