About Me

My name is Shawn. I live in the Silicon Valley. This blog here, Backpacking Dad, is not about hiking, camping, nature or the outdoors. This is a dad blog.

What’s a dad blog? Just like every other kind of blog, but I’m dad, so sometimes my kids show up here. Being a dad blogger seems to also mean being a photography blogger, no matter how bad, a food blogger, no matter how amateurish, a social media blogger, no matter how pompous, and a public opinion holder. Oh, and now sometimes I write about hiking because I took up hiking.

I’m a Canadian transplant to California. I’m married to Emily, the pretty one who shows up on the blog from time to time. We have two kids, Erin and Adrian. They are all over this blog. I study philosophy, which is a lot like saying “I married well.”

You can e-mail me if you wish, using my contact page. I’m also easy to contact over Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

If you prefer to contact me by actual mail, my address is:

Shawn Burns
530 Showers Drive
Suite #7 PMB 221
Mountain View, CA, 94040-1457

If you are a marketer or PR rep, thanks for reading, and please see my “Make Me an Offer” page.