Cancer Affects Women in the Military More than Other Americans

This is an abhorrent truth about cancer: It rewards those servicewomen who survive wars in service to their country with a doubled cancer risk.

A 2010 study of the VA Cancer Registry finds that women who serve as twice as likely to develop cancer, they have lower breast cancer survival rates, and they were diagnosed with it on average five years earlier than women in the general population.

Our military personnel are facing a harm they never signed on for. Please donate to the American Cancer Society.

Cancer Fact

We know that cancer is evil, but we may not have a good idea of just how much of an impact it has on life every year. So here’s a fact about cancer that ought to chill you:

There were an estimated 1.5 million new cases of cancer in the United States in 2010. Compare that to the 4 million new babies born every year.

For every three babies born, there is a new cancer victim.*

Please donate to the American Cancer Society.


*Some people develop more than one cancer, so the comparison isn’t strictly accurate. I’m not sure that is in any way reassuring, though.

Find Out What Was in the Bag, and Let’s Do Some Good

Do you remember Backpacking Dad’s Mystery Prize Giveaway? People submitted guesses about what was in the bag. Somebody won the Mystery Prize. So that part is over.

But there was a second part to the Mystery Prize Giveaway. Whoever guessed correctly would also win something. Kind of. I promised to promote their favourite charity through all of my social media channels for three days. And someone actually did guess what was in the bag.

The winner was Twenty Four at Heart. She guessed, correctly, that the Mystery Prize was SOAP. (#WEAREYELLINGABOUTSOAP. Anyone? That was a Twitter party I threw that made fun of ALL-CAPS TWITTER PARTIES). So, as the big big winner, she does not get any soap. But she does get to choose which charity will be getting some love this weekend. She has chosen the American Cancer Society.

I sent an e-mail to the American Cancer Society asking if they have any blog badges for people to put up. My e-mail is being forwarded to someone who might know. Until then, here’s simple link and a request:

Please Donate to the American Cancer Society. There are a lot of terrible things going in the world, new tragedies that burst suddenly and violently upon us, and we are overwhelmed by it all. It is easy to be burned out by it all, or to shift our focus from one to the next as each news story breaks. But remember: Cancer is always killing us. Always. It kills us every day. It kills us in ways we never imagine are possible. It kills us from the inside. It kills us quietly.

It’s a lot to ask of people that they remember our chronic problems in the face of all of our acute ones. But if you can help in any way, you help us all. Cancer threatens everyone.