Backpacking Dad Tries Poetry

03/25/2008 By Shawn Burns

Over at At Home Dad, a dad safe zone, some of us wrote some poems for our kids.

If you happen to visit the site and find the poem thread, please don’t burn any of us. It’s a pretty personal site for some of us, and that thread in particular took some guts to post on.

But because I like the one I wrote for Erin I’ve decided to share it here:

Fair Trade

Please don’t bite me
Don’t pull my hair
There is no candy in my ear

Please don’t hit me
Don’t poke my eye
There is no candy in my nose

Please don’t pinch me
Don’t pull my lips
There is no candy down my throat

I will kiss you
I need a hug
Ah, so that’s how you get so close.

Fair trade.