Backpacking Dad’s Food Hijinks

03/19/2008 By Shawn Burns

So, you know how your little vaccum cleaner, I mean child will cruise around the house picking microscopic bits of stuff up off the floor and eating it?

Well, today I was in the kitchen at the pull out cutting board dicing a jalepeno…

Ok, so no pieces fell to the floor to be sucked up by my curious little super-crawler; but I was thinking about it the entire time I was dicing. I was actually planning my post-ingestion emergency steps in my head (without ever ceasing my mutilation of the pepper of course, because dinner is what’s important, right?).


So, you know how when you have your daughter in the backpack and you are giving her pieces of cheese on-the-go because the train is coming and you have to get on soon and she drops cheese down your back and you don’t notice it until you are at home, un-back-packed, watching the hockey game and you get up to use the restroom and when you get back to the living room you see the cheese stuck to your chair?

Well, the other day….

This is yet another reason why mini-bagels are the best backpacking food. Cheese is sticky.