This one is going to Parent Hacks…Doh!

04/03/2008 By Shawn Burns

So, I was making some pasta for dinner tonight.

And next to the jar of spaghetti sauce I was about to use I noticed the remnants of our baby food days. Squash. Carrots. Garden Vegetables. All of those lovely little packets that Erin had decided she was never ever ever going to eat from again.

Pasta. Baby food. Pasta. Baby food.

Oh my god. (Forehead Slap!)

Use. The. Baby. Food. As. A. Pasta. Sauce. Dumbass.

One of the problems with tomato sauce as a coating for pasta for Erin is that she likes to smear it all over hear face, hair, and arms, and then gets it in her eyes. It’s a little acidic, so this is not fun for anyone. The baby food, however, has a long history with us of being just fine to smear everywhere.


It doesn’t look that great:


But she didn’t really care:


And then I said "This is totally going in to Parent Hacks."

And then I thought "Come on. Somebody must have sent this in before. It’s too obvious. I mean, the baby food was right next to the pasta sauce; someone else was bound to have seen that." (Because everyone stores their baby food and pasta sauce on the same shelf, like I do.)

So I looked on the Parent Hacks site and did a search. And sure enough, I found one. A nearly identical hack.

Sent in by Kittenpie. Like, 2 years ago.


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