Because you asked.

05/17/2008 By Shawn Burns

I’m going to help kill a couple of memes right here. I’m tired after a few busy days, and I can’t organize my thoughts well enough to write those days up, so I’ll let some friends do my organizing for me.

First, from Helen comes this "open the book" meme:

Open the nearest book: It happens to be the Larousse Gastronomique that my awesome, brilliant, good-looking, and possibly sauced friend gifted me with for Christmas 2006.

Go to page 123: It’s the "beef" section of the book.

Go to the 5th sentence: "Left-over pieces of boiled beef can also be prepared in various other ways, including the following: boulettes, croquettes, kromeskies, en fritot (i.e. fried in deep fat), en miron."

Post the next three sentences (happily, as a result you get a full entry): "Boiled Beef a la diable: Cut boiled beef into rather thick slices. Spread these slices with mustard, sprinkle with melted butter or oil and cover on both sides with white breadcrumbs. Grill on a low heat, making both sides golden."

Bon appetit!

Now, from Ali comes a "six random things" meme:

1) I have a scar on the top of my head from an accident when I was six years old. I was riding my new chrome BMX on the highway (gasp!) that ran next to our house (a country highway, but still) and after goofing off for a while, weaving across the road or something, I was hit from behind by a van driven by a 16 year old kid who tried to get around me on the left while I, at the same time, tried to get out of his way by going left. He hit me dead on the back tire, launching me off the bike rather than running me over, and I landed on my head in the ditch. No broken bones. Just a scar on my head that bothers me when I get haircuts, and a scars on my knees from the handlebars I scraped while being launched into orbit.

2) I have seen every episode of "Sex and the City" multiple times. You know, because Emily likes the show. Not because I bought the DVDs en masse and then made her have a "Sex and the City" weekend with me as we watched the entire series. And we certainly did not do that twice in one year.

3) In 1996 I left the University of Toronto on academic probation after one year; not because of the academic probation, but because I had to see about a girl. I’m still seein’ about her. And our daughter.

4) I have lived on two islands in the St. Lawrence river.

5) I love the movie "Starship Troopers". I’m doing my part. Would you like to know more?

6) You know how you know I’m gay? I have organized the t-shirts hanging in my closet in order of hue and lightness. Yes. They go from black to white, and each colour block is also arranged from darkest shirt to lightest shirt.

So, that’s all I have to say about that. I won’t tag anyone with these, but feel free to park them in the visitor’s space on your blog if you are ever at a loss for a post, as I am right now.