If you’re creepy and you know it write a post

06/23/2008 By Shawn Burns

I have decided that blogging has made me creepy as hell.

No, not blogging. Commenting on blogs. Tweeting. Facebooking.

If you are one of the people who has been thinking to themselves (woohoo! ill-considered plural-for-unknown-gender pronoun!):

"Selves, Backpacking Dad is creeping me out a little bit. He keeps showing up at my cyber-house and leaving notes on the fridge. Then he stops by my cyber-office and puts up a picture of himself on my whiteboard. And he’s started leaving messages on my cyber-answering machine. Oh, and he’s called my parents to see if I was ‘around anywhere or doing anything he could help out with, or watch’."

then I apologize.

I’m gonna go ahead and stop now.

I’m done commenting on your blogs and Tweeting at you and tracking you down on Facebook. I need to meet some people out in the real world. I need to come face to face with people that I can talk to about life, the universe, and the rest (two references in one passage here…I’m waiting for Badass Geek to get both of these).

I’m going to take a little break in July. A couple of days off, out in the real world, talking to real people. So, for at least one weekend in July, around the 18th and 19th or so, I’m going to go up to the City, San Francisco to you non-Californians, and I’m going to get it together.

I’m going to hang around Union Square and talk to real live folks. Maybe I’ll hang out at the Fancy Hotel down there, the Westin St. Francis. I hear there will be something going on there and maybe some people will be there who I can talk to.

It’ll be nice to just get out of the apartment and not think about blogging, or the bloggers who read this blog, or the bloggers whose blogs I read, or the Tweeps I tweet at or any of those people who I stalk in cyber-space and who I make really really uncomfortable in cyber-life.

*******************Warning. Asterisk Tone Reversal Wall*******************

In case any of that was too subtle, I’m going to BlogHer. You can buy me free drinks there and I can pretend that I totally don’t stalk you in a creepy way.