On Writing, Part 2

06/20/2008 By Shawn Burns





Now. Now I tell you what the hell all the writing has been about.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a certain website that shan’t be named again because said website acted, possibly, like an ass-hat.

Somebody really liked that post. And other posts. And tweets.

And so it came to pass on one sunny afternoon as I was sitting at home during one of Erin’s naps, that City Mama contacted me to ask if I’d like to join a ton of other bloggers in writing about our cities and navigating these burghs with pre-schoolers.

For money. For non-Monopoly money.

I immediately said “woohoo!” and then I read the list of other bloggers who would be writing and I said “woohoo!!” and then she told me how much I would be making and I said “oh. well, money isn’t everything.” And then she told me that I was going to be the City Editor for Being Savvy Silicon Valley, just one of the many awesome Savvy Source pre-schooler blogs, and I said “resume-woohoo!!!” I should be up and live at some point today, but I couldn’t hold in the announcement any longer, so just go ahead and save the link for later perusal if it’s not active yet.

I would get to write about local dadventures, and dadventures-to-be. I would get to help parents of pre-schoolers in the Silicon Valley make the area their own.

I was thrilled. And, just like the Oscars, or the invite to the cool high school party, it was an honour just to be nominated. Because, as I’ve said before, I’m not a writer.

I’m a City Editor. :}

So, please welcome me to the weird world of professional blogging over at Being Savvy Silicon Valley. And while you’re at it, go ahead and click over to some of the other city blogs. Learn about your own town from the likes of

Kim Mordecai (Sacramento)

Jonathan Morgan (Austin)

Caitlin Giles (Chicago)

Mike Adamick (San Francisco)

Christina Mack (Columbus)

Leticia (DC Metro)

Rachel Mosteller (Houston)

Casey (Indianapolis)

Colleen (San Antonio)

Aimee (Denver)

Rita Arens (Kansas City)

Jenny Ciampa (San Diego)

Bethany Dunn (Seattle)

Kelly Leahy (New Orleans)

Amy Kuras (Detroit)

Nicole Teed (Charleston)

Meredith Pelham (Nashville)

Julie Woo Yang (Honolulu)

Amy Davis (Atlanta)

Becky (Tampa)

Heather Gibbs Flett (Berkeley/East Bay)

Whitney Moss (Berkeley/East Bay)

Kim Prince (San Fernando Valley)

Amelia Sprout (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Jill Notkin (Boston)

Nina Moon (Los Angeles)

Gwendolyn Floyd (Vancouver)

Katie (Toronto)

Also, if you’d like to show your support for Backpacking Dad and his pre-schooling Silicon Valley blog I have blog buttons that you can have. If you would like a button for any of the other blogs I can arrange that too (although you can always, of course, ask them :} ).

So go check out my Savvy-blogger friends and Have a Savvy Day.

Say “Savvy” again.