GoogleHer? I don’t even know her

07/14/2008 By Shawn Burns

Catherine over at Her Bad Mother had this little epiphany for pre-BlogHer introductions (and also a good meme idea for those who aren’t terribly self-conscious about their Internet footprint): Google yourself and list 5 things about yourself that are floating around out there, known only to Google. Most of my Internet (did you know that’s a capitalized word?) footprint is academic, except for the blog stuff.

So, for the stalkers:

1. I am a grad student in philosophy at Stanford. I’m an old grad student. That’s an old picture. And it was taken in Hakone. That egg was steamed over the sulfur pits there.

2. The UCSD Alumni Association loves me. Emily says I have a leadership addiction. Whatever. They gave me a check and nice paper weight.

3. At one point I was very concerned about helping people read Steven Brust’s books in the best order.

4. I was invited to present comments on a Native American political philosophy book by Dale Turner (This Is Not a Peace Pipe) at the APA Pacific conference this past winter.

5. I am a mediocre fencer. I haven’t been able to fence in a few months, because of a combination of scheduling conflicts with Emily’s work and some bruised heels.

There. Now you know as much about me as Google does.

(Editor’s Note: I realize upon re-reading this that the list looks like a joke. No, that’s all me kids. Philosopher, leadership addict, fantasy-geek, professional philosopher, and bad fencer.)