Contest Winner: Worst Road Trip Story

09/16/2008 By Shawn Burns

Wow. I’m never going on a road trip with any of you.

There were some really horrific stories, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quite erase the images of all of the bodily fluids being evacuated by someone or another in or around a car or on someone’s shoe.

And disgusting and mortifying as those moments were, I really couldn’t choose any of them as the Worst Road Trip Story. Because they were moments; I needed something a little more…lingering; a little more spectacularly road-trippy.

So, in light of that random, arbitrary, and dictatorial condition, the winner of Worst Road Trip Story and an autographed (by me) copy of Stefanie Wilder Taylor’s Naptime is the New Happy Hour is:



Her story involved not only pets, children, an impatient partner, getting lost, tears, dramatic phone calls, the car breaking down and unexpectedly overnighting and sneaking pets into a motel, but also Texas. Plain View Texas. It was a National Lampoon kind of road trip. It has that perfect combination of Road, and Trip, and it lasted for days.

So congratulations Stacie. As soon as I finish reading and annotating Stefanie’s book I will send it on to you. I will also take requests for personal notes to be left on the pages (although this is a family show, so, no, I will not include a picture of my moobs).

For the rest of you. Yeah. No book for you. You can buy your own copy.