How to Abuse a Friendship in 500 Words or Less

09/27/2008 By Shawn Burns

Like a Vegas lounge singer I’d like to “take the room down” a little and get serious on you for a moment.

I want to tell you all about a dear friend of mine who is having a bit of a rough time. Her name is Tanis, otherwise known as The Redneck Mommy. You’ve probably heard of her; hell, you’re probably only here because you read her blog and she linked to me once.

Tanis is very special to me, and not only because she went above and beyond the call of duty in making a dad-out-of-water feel comfortable and welcome at BlogHer. She also tells wonderful, hilarious and heartbreaking stories, and she puts up with dad-bloggers and other pervs of their ilk and their constant requests for pictures of her boobs.

So, what is the rough time she is having? Well, today is Tanis’ birthday. And it’s a very special birthday for her because she is finally, finally, out of her 30s.

Yep, Tanis turns 40 today, and she is having a little trouble accepting it. I’m not sure why. As someone significantly younger than she is I can assure her that the 30s aren’t that great and I can hardly wait to be as aged and wise as she is.

And even though she’s a little older today than she was yesterday I’d like her to know that if her personality is any indication, 40 is the new “12-year-old boy”. And if everyone could go visit her blog and let her know that 40 isn’t old at all and nothing to be ashamed of, I think she would really appreciate it. Eventually.

Happy Birthday, Tanis. Your friends love you very much.