It was an honour just to be nominated

09/02/2008 By Shawn Burns

Well folks. The votes are in over at the Hottest Blogger Calendar Contest. I was beaten out by some pretty Hot Bloggers, including my fellow dad-in-blog, Busy Dad. I’m disappointed that I lost to Wil Wheaton, but hardly surprised: dude was on tv.

Oh well. A trip to New York with the flimsy excuse that I was going to a photoshoot to be in a calendar would have been fun.



What the hell? There are twelve months in the year?

Aw yeah!

I’m totally in the calendar.

I squeaked in thanks to a steady trickle of votes and Jamie Oliver’s reluctance to acknowledge that he was nominated or to solicit votes from everyone who ought to have voted for him instead of me.

Thank you, folks. You’ve been cracking my wife up for days now as the votes came in. Plus, she’s been greeting me with "Hey Hottest Blogger Calendar Husband" all weekend.