11/22/2008 By Shawn Burns

This is the label from a package of bowls we just bought at Target.


They seem to be fine bowls. Nice picture of a kid there on the right.


There are many things written on the back of this label, among them:

  • “Fun design lets your child eat from a fish bowl.”
  • “Great for mom to feed baby or child to use at mealtime.”

I’ll ignore the obvious problem of Munchkin amputating their market and offering a tacit insult to dads in general, involved dads a little less generally, and at-home dads in particular. Well, I’ll ignore it starting now. No, now. Now? (#munchkindads)

I ignore it because I need to move on to that circle in the upper right corner of the label, just next to the “Munchkin” logo.


Yeah. That says “Munchkin’s pet division.”

So…I understand that the bowls haven’t actually been used by pets before I bought them. And that just because they are designed with pets in mind has nothing to do with whether or not they are just as good at containing kid food as kitty food. And that Munchkin is definitely not suggesting that parents should or ought to treat their kids like animals (#munchkindads).

But come on. At least lie to me and tell me the bowls were made in the Happy Rainbow Children’s Dinnerware Kingdom by magic elves or something. At least tell me that someone didn’t see sales of dog dishes falling off and think “You know who would buy the hell out of these things? Parents.”


Here kiddie kiddie.

Or puppy puppy.


“Grrrr, guys. Grr and woof woof.”