I hate this craptop

01/22/2009 By Shawn Burns

I tried blogging with the Blackberry. That lasted for, I think, two posts.

I tried blogging with this old laptop (purchased in 2003) that can handle neither the infinite nature of the internet nor the infinite nature of this guy right here.

And finally I tried not blogging at all.

It’s not that I have writer’s/writers’ block. It’s not that I have nothing to say or that I no longer wish to participate or that I don’t want to post cute pictures of my daughter or video of her at Disneyland or tell, finally, the Erin Goes to Seattle story that I’ve had on the backburner since September.

It’s that I can’t stand writing on this…thing…and I don’t have any of my pictures or videos easily accessible.

I hate it so much that I haven’t even replied to comments in what I feel is a month.

All of this pales in comparison to world hunger and Darfour etc…but I actually don’t hate world hunger or the “situation” in Darfour. I’m too distanced from them to hate. I don’t hate politicians, or serial killers, or white supremacists or arms dealers. I don’t hate homophobes or religious zealots. I don’t hate apathists (although they, obviously, couldn’t care less). I don’t hate pundits (although there are some areas that don’t require pundits: sports punditry? What difference does having an opinion about the performance of a sports franchise or player actually have on the performance of that franchise or player? Political punditry I at least understand, because it sways opinions leading up to an actual process where opinions get counted and impact policy. But sports pundits? Although I do participate on some hockey blogs. But hockey is different. It really matters what hockey fans have to say about hockey, and what hockey pundits have to say about hockey. I swear.). I don’t hate homelessness. I don’t hate petty crime.

I do hate bad drivers who cut me off when they are Twittering on their iPhones, but I have no self-loathing about Tweeting on my Blackberry. Because objectively I’m a good driver and this does not distract me at all, but in their case they are abominations. Plus they use iPhones. They’re probaby Mac people too. I’ll leave it an open question whether or not I hate Mac people. I think I hate those Mac commercials, and I’m sure I hate those “You’re stupid for thinking corn syrup is less healthy than sugar” commercials. But I don’t hate childhood obesity or diabetes.

And I hate this craptop.