Backpacking Dad’s Vacation Posts That Are Not About His Vacation But Are Instead Posts Being Posted While He Is On Vacation: The Product Review One

08/31/2009 By Shawn Burns

I prefer Pepsi to Coke.

I prefer hot dogs to hamburgers.

I prefer Toyotas to Fords.

I prefer “30 Rock” to “How I Met Your Mother”.

I prefer proton torpedoes to photon torpedoes.

I prefer hockey to everything.

I prefer Banana Republic to Tommy Bahama.

I prefer Chilis to Applebees.

I prefer scrambled eggs to fried eggs.

I prefer Buffy vampires to True Blood vampires.

I prefer cable to satellite.

I prefer Facebook to MySpace.

I prefer cycling to running.

I prefer Letterman to Leno.

I prefer cargo shorts to slacks.

I prefer England to France.

I prefer ninjas to pirates.

I prefer lemon meringue pie to apple pie.

I prefer Odysseus to Achilles.