10/14/2009 By Shawn Burns

I am a big fan of the “In Soviet Russia…X Y’s you!” joke form.

I’m still Rickrolling people, about 20 years after Rickrolling stopped being interesting.

The “Holy crap! A talking muffin!” joke still cracks me the hell up.

I appreciate the adult contemporary comedy stylings of Greg Behrendt.

I do want to know who’s there, and I am glad it’s not a banana.

But whomever is responsible for the nomination of this thing you’re reading for Best Daddy Blog over at The Bump…that’s a joke that goes right over my head. It’s weird, and awesome, and hilarious, I think (but I can’t be sure, because, you see, I don’t get the joke) and mostly this is going to result in some money being raised for a good cause in spite of my smashed ego.

Because you should go vote, and vote often (I actually don’t know if you can vote more than once) for Matt Logelin in this category. If he wins the thing he’s going to donate the winnings to the foundation he set up in memory of his sadly passed wife, and he’s also going to match funds.

I hate to say “Don’t vote for me” because I really am very narcissistic. But I don’t have a charity. And although I have a couple of pictures of Erin in the backpack in my header, and go by “Backpacking Dad” and am selling the Backpacking Dad brand hither and yon, Matt has a picture of his daughter in a backpack on his header too, and that dude is standing in the middle of a rope bridge or something. Maybe it’s chain link. But still, it looks like it spans something fierce. I never go anywhere that might reveal itself to be rope bridge worthy. Bastard.

Go vote for him. Even though he’s already thrashing me by about an 80 to 1 margin. I think…yes…bastard.

(Editor’s Note: While in many cultures it is frowned upon to call someone you’ve never met a “bastard”, in this case it’s perfectly acceptable because some of my best friends are black.)

Thank you for the nomination.