04/10/2010 By Shawn Burns

“Hey lady, have you seen the broom?”

“No. It’s not in the garage? The last time I used it was in the laundry room.”

“Nope, not here. I’ve looked everywhere for it.”

Ah, but see, I didn’t look everywhere for it. I merely looked everywhere an adult may have thought to put it, or leave it after cleaning. I forgot about the little gremlin living in our house and her…imaginative…sense of design.

If you were looking for a broom would you think “Maybe it’s around the side of the house sticking out of the fence?” Oh. Really? So, this kind of thing happens all the time? I think I may have just figured out where the Roomba went: there’s a tomato planter hanging above the front porch that looks like it might have needed a robotic cleaning device dumped in it.