Hey number one. Hey number two.

04/09/2010 By Shawn Burns

In the tradition of other great parenting blog posts I was going to write about potty training and how it connects up to social ideas and culture and consumerism and it was also going to be poetic and metaphorical and I was going to make arguments that astound and convince and there would be pictures of Erin’s smiling face as she succeeded.

But I’m tired from saying “It’s time to go on the potty” all day long and washing three loads of laundry every day. Someone else with more time or energy can provide the insight, poetry and meaning; I’m busy washing pee off of everything.

(Editor’s Note: Erin is a potty champ now. But every day without a change felt hopeless, like all of my efforts were accomplishing nothing, and then she just started going by herself and it was so sudden that I wondered if potty training requires anything more attentive than saying “I’m taking your diapers. There’s the can. Your pants are going to be wet and you’re not going to like it. Do something about it.”)