Erin Goes to the Dentist

Today I am very proud of my daughter, my stalwart, curious, and unassailable girl.

She went to the dentist for the first time today and she was so relaxed about the poking and prodding and scraping and scratching and flossing and polishing and picking and suctioning that you’d think she was a professional dental patient. Which, if you were to ask me, and you didn’t, would be the third worst job in the world.

We will take credit, as her parents, for her overall disposition and approach to the world (that it is to be explored, not feared), and we will take credit, as her parents, for a little prep work the night before as we talked about the dentist and engaged her curious brain into looking forward to the new experiences she was going to have.

But she is more than the sum of our intentions. She conquers the fears of her parents by never having them in the first place. It is less innocence than wisdom, and I wish her that wisdom for the rest of her life. The world will follow.

6 thoughts on “Erin Goes to the Dentist”

  1. Where is the proof she didn't scream her head off? Are we supposed to take you at your word? I thought everyone's kids screamed in terror at the dentist.

  2. Good prep-work, pops. I hope I will be able to do the same when the time comes.

    I eagerly await the video that will challenge "David After Dentist" for Youtube mastery.

  3. Nice sentiment. I like to take credit for the awesome demeanor of my boys even though they have totally different demeanors :-) When the first one is pushy and gets his way I say "he's assertive because of me." When the second one is quiet and plots every action I say "He's introspective because he got it from me." Either way, I win. It's great being a parent.

  4. So, what are the top two worst jobs in the world if professional dental patient is #3? Just wondering…

    Kudos to your fearless daughter. I would have run screaming…. oh, wait, I DID do that last time I saw the dentist….

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