How to Write a Dad Blog

1. Have sex. Or start some adoption paperwork.

2. Buy a computer. Or borrow a computer.

3. Observe how crazy your life has become.

4. Observe how easily you handle all the crazy, because you’re a dude, and dudes don’t get frazzled.

5. Say something sweet about your kid(s) to show your sensitive side.

6. Take a condescending position on a topic in the parenting/parent-blogging arena.

7. Do a product review for a vibrator.

8. Mention how much harder you had it as a kid than your kids will have it, since you’re way better at this than your parents were.

9. Tell a self-deprecating story to show you don’t take yourself too seriously.

10. Take umbrage with the way dads get portrayed in the media to show you take yourself too seriously.

11. Include pictures of the kid(s) with humourous captions to remind everyone that it’s really all about the children.

8 thoughts on “How to Write a Dad Blog”

  1. so what you're saying is that I'm a Dad Blogger? oh wait I've skipped 1/2 of 4 and 7, 10. so I'm 8ish/11s there.

      1. Hey, the most popular search term to find my blog is "origami unicorn". Because that's what I write about, obviously.

  2. This should comprise the information for Wikipedia's definition of Daddy Blogs. I'm guilty on all accounts except vibrator. Opted for discounted ED meds from Canada instead.

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