There’s a new yogurt place in town if by “town” you are forgiving enough to mean “two towns over.” It’s called Miyo. We’re not going there.

Instead we tried to decide between Yogurtland in Sunnyvale and Pinkberry at the Stanford Shopping Center, though if truth be told Red Mango in downtown Palo Alto is probably closer than either of those.

Is this what other bloggers do? Write about yogurt?

I don’t have a sweet tooth. I usually won’t go for desserts or very many candies in a candy store. But when I do commit to dessert I go for the most disgusting concoction available. At ice cream parlours this means banana splits piled high with whatever they have. At yogurt places, especially self-serve places like Yogurtland I don’t give a crap about the yogurt flavours so I tend to get vanilla and then pile it high with Heath bars and Snickers bars and everything else that is non-yogurt until you can’t see my future behind all the heart attacks.

I think yogurt is supposed to be good for you. But not the way I do it.