A Gorram Shiny Firefly Credits Reboot

From the Geek Lords at io9:

It makes me realize how much the original credits contributed to the story and feel of the show. But screw that! Bring on the synth! In the 80’s they knew how to intro a show, gorrammit.

Really, who wouldn’t watch this show? Oh, that’s right. Most of the world. You Philistines.

4 thoughts on “A Gorram Shiny Firefly Credits Reboot”

    1. That was me – when I tried to post, I couldn't see the full screen to enter my name. I think your comment bumped the comment box down low enough – the video was covering it before.

      (Alternate explanation – I'm a spaz.)

  1. Oh, this makes me cry. I would have watched any "action show" with Gina Torres in it even if it wasn't as great as this was, but Firefly had SO MANY things great about it. [So did you ever see Cleopatra 2525? Most of it can been seen on imdb. I never did figure out if it was supposed to be camp or not, but she was so great in it and it was so fun.]

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