Erin’s battlecry is: “Wind the Frog!”

This means that she has seen Toy Story too many times.

However, I prefer this to another phrase she has picked up from Pixar’s Bug’s Life: “Do I look stupid to you?”

And I prefer that, or just about any line from a Pixar film, to the muttered phrase she seems to have picked up from either her mom or me: “Dammit dammit DA-mmit.

If she starts saying “fucker fucker fuck fuck” then I’ll know to blame that one on her mom. She’ll get “Oh, fuck me” from yours truly.

And yes, I have considered how hilarious it would be if she started wandering around daycare muttering these expressions to herself. I’m not sure her teachers would approve. Or the other parents. But come on, the kids are going to learn sometime; best they learn from their parents or friends instead of picking it up from some street urchin who will then also lead them to a life of crime.

I’d be doing those kids a favour if I taught Erin how to swear properly.