SAHDness: A New Fragrance, from Backpacking Dad

07/22/2010 By Shawn Burns

The Backpacking Dad brand is really taking off. I’m expanding from the social media empire I’ve created out into other pursuits. This week I’ve worked hard with world-famous fragrateurs to produce SAHDness, the scent of the stay at home dad.

Coming up with the proper blend of herbs and spices for this new fragrance was not easy. I had to really smell myself over and over again and think about the notes I was giving off. But I think I’ve cracked the code.

SAHDness combines the earthiness of my front yard (still no grass) with the woodiness of the tree roots I’ve been digging up for two days. It introduces the tang of the pasta sauce I wiped off my foot (after stepping in the dinner my son flung to the floor) to the fresh apple sweetness of the detangler I spray in my daughter’s hair every morning to brush it out. A hint of rosemary from the bush I ripped out of the backyard complements the wet diaper and cat box odours that always seem to permeate the back rooms of the house. And finally, like the finish of a fine wine, sour milk and Mr. Clean blend together to carry the wearer away to a land of Band of Brothers reruns and and sprinkler systems that install themselves, a.k.a. heaven.

I am confident that you will enjoy SAHDness every bit as much as I do.

SAHDness, the scent of naptime.