10 thoughts on “Thirty-three”

  1. You look like many more monkeys? Is this like the half-pony, half-monkey monster? *tries to picture a backpacking dad with extra monkey limbs and maybe a prehensile tail for steep hills*

    Happy birthday to you, though. Hope Erin wakes you up REALLY early and that the kids blow out the candles on your cake without spit.

  2. HB, BD. 33? man, that's …
    something. Old, according to my kids.
    Young, according to my mother.
    A palindromic number, according to me.
    My present to you us in the mail.

  3. Oh it's your Birthday, sorry I didn't plan anything I'll just have to do this FB style.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  4. Pfft, 33…whippersnapper…

    Sheade and Sweetwater,

    K (who wishes you many happy returns)

  5. Do not consider this a belated happy 33rd birthday greeting, but more a hyper vigilant, overly eager, incredibly early wish that you have a fantastic 34th birthday!

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