This Is What I Want For My Birthday


To understand what this is about, go visit the running fool, BHJ, and read about his pledge to run a continual BlogHer 5K until the cops come and tase him for being such a running fool.

So, since it’s my birthday, what you can do is chip in.


1 Sherry Carr-Smith { 07.09.10 at 12:25 PM }

Done. Happy Birthday!

2 BHJ { 07.09.10 at 12:59 PM }

Totally cool. Thanks, BPD.

3 Kyddryn { 07.09.10 at 5:30 PM }

Alas, I cannot…right now, the fundage at Casa de Crazy os basically pocket lint. Sigh. However, I DID put his wodget thingy on my sidebar a few days ago, so hopefully there's that.

I hope he raises a lot…and posts picture of his tutu wearing self when it's all over…

Shade and Sweetwater