Backpacking Dad Goes to BlogHer ‘10

08/11/2010 By Shawn Burns

As you may have heard, this past weekend I went to BlogHer “˜10 in New York. It was an amazing experience, and far surpassed both previous BlogHer conferences I’ve been privileged to attend. I reconnected with a ton of old friends, stalked some stalk-worthy people, attended some great sessions that will help me grow as a blogger, networked with people who are powerful and influential, and also just chilled out and relaxed during quiet conversations with some great people.

My weekend started with a phone call from The Palinode just after he’d landed in New York. “Dude,” he said, because all Canadians say “dude”, “I just landed in the Big Apple. Check it out, I’m sending you a picture of the back of the chair in front of me. Check ya later!”

Photo by Schmutzie

I didn’t go straight to the Hilton after arriving. Instead I went wandering around north of Times’ Square. I peeked into the second story window of F.A.O. Schwarz (because I’m like forty feet tall when I’m on vacation), and there on the giant piano was Annabel! Her mom Heather was teaching her how to play a song called “Fah, a long long way to run” and I didn’t stick around to see if she mastered it. I’m sure she did; she’s a smart kid.

Photo by Heather Spohr

When I arrived at the Hilton, well, that’s when the party started. Jen and Sarah made me pose with them, but I felt weird because I wasn’t wearing my grey dress, so I hid behind Sarah a bit. I’m way shy.

Photo by Sarah and the Goonsquad

Ali and Metalia forced me into a 30 second dance party. I tried to keep up, but I only know one dance routine and they said “No Macarena!” so I kept my hands down at my sides.

Photo by Ali Martell

Feeling a bit tired from all the dancing it was time to relax. And who better to just chill with than Bossy herself? She was all “Yet another little known fact: Backpacking Dad is one of Bossy’s favorite things.” Awww….Bossy’s sweet like that.

Photo by Schmutzie  

I was in pretty high demand, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with all of the meets and greets. Knowing that Erin had sent her head-on-a-stick along to New York with Rita Arens, I decided to ask Rita to just staple my picture to Erin’s so that people could get twice the thrill for the price of once.

Photo by Rita Arens  

Then, there was Sparklecorn. There’s really no excuse for what I ended up doing to that cake from the Ace of Cakes crew (Charm City Cakes, I believe). It was delicious, and I’m sorry I didn’t share with anyone else, but come on, it was awesome. I also stole the unicorn to give to Erin. She’s not in to unicorns yet, but I’m working on her.

Photo by I can't remember

For some reason I missed seeing Jenny the Bloggess this year. However, knowing that I could use BlogHer as business opportunity I had a Napa winery bottle a special sparkling wine just for me and I passed out cases of the stuff. I learned later that Jenny herself had gotten hold of one of the bottles and she enjoyed it as much as I hope everyone did.

Photo by Maggie Mason

All in all it was a really memorable event. I hope everyone was as happy to see me as I was to see them.

Thanks so much for a great conference, BlogHer. I can’t wait for San Diego in 2011!