Backpacking Dad’s “Backpacking Dad Goes to Canada Triptravaganza!” Thanks Its Sponsor

08/15/2010 By Shawn Burns

Dear Virgin America,

Hello, I’m Backpacking Dad. You may remember me from such e-mails as "Backpacking Dad Goes to Canada!" (

We here at Backpacking Dad want to wish you and yours a pleasant week. I know, how random. But it’s a very special week, Virgin America. See, this week is the "Backpacking Dad Goes to Canada Triptravaganza!" We previously inquired as to sponsorship for our event and although no direct response was forthcoming we do appreciate the note you sent with your gossipy little friend Klout. (Why gossipy, you ask? Well, just ask Klout about anyone on Twitter and they will tell you everything you want to know about how popular they are. Total gossip.) Anyway, Klout came over and we had a nice chat about you and then Klout said "You know what? I think Virgin America should totally sponsor the Triptravaganza!" and so Klout sent me a plane ticket on your new San Francisco to Toronto route. Now, although the note came from Klout I know you were the one to send Klout over, werent’ you Virgin America? Yeah, I can totally tell when someone likes me even if they never talk to me directly.

Anyways….in the note I was supposed to check "yes" or "no" and I totally check "yes", Virgin America. I do like you. I will go out with you tonight. I will go out with you tonight and then again next Sunday. I’m totally flattered that you’d even ask, Virgin America. However, just so you don’t get to handsy on our dates I’m bringing my son along as a chaperone. He’ll be on my lap the whole time and he’ll let me know if you try anything while I’m watching the movie. So, fair warning, Virgin America: no yawn move, no stretch move, and definitely no popcorn-in-the-lap move.

I should tell you, Virgin America, that I may be doing something inappropriate. See….I’m married. I know! I should have told you! I let myself believe you and I had an "understanding" about that, since when we met I happened to mention four tickets. But I get that I was too subtle. It’s totally my fault. Anyway, I’m…well….I’m leaving my wife for you, Virgin America. I’m leaving my wife and daughter and although you might think that makes you a homewrecker I totally don’t feel that way about you. Frankly, the fact that you’d pay attention to me even a little bit is overwhelming.

I love you, Virgin America. And I’ll see you tonight.

Backpacking Dad

P.S. Your gossipy little friend Klout not only tells everyone about everyone else on Twitter, but they actually want me to participate in their gossip, so here is where I get to brag to everyone else that you love me too, Virgin America, and that you are picking up the tab for this date even though you’re trying to convince me that Klout is footing the tab. Sly, Virgin America. Very sly. But I’m on to you and your little love games. And they’re totally working.

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