Ten Minute Blog Post

08/13/2010 By Shawn Burns

Today was a strange day. It involved what for want of a better term was a “working lunch”, although the “work” it involved was social media and I’m not a social media professional. I just play one on Twitter.

Social media guru-ing of the day: Angelina Jolie is not going to follow you on Twitter. Stop begging.

I was asked questions about #HomeHer10 and such like and, see, the problem with asking me questions is I will give answers. I will give answers like I’ve always known the answer and I’ve always known the answer better than you and there is no other possible answer. But I don’t know anything about social media except for what I’ve read in 140 character increments. I think I used the phrase “return on investment” a couple of times and that made me seem way smart.

So, since I don’t know anything about social media, and am hardly interested in being a consultant, I will provide answers basically for free just because you’ve given me the chance to sound like I know what I’m talking about. I love sounding like I know what I’m talking about. It also helps to call me awesome or funny. I eat that up.

After lunch wrapped up and I and my lunch companion went our separate ways I stopped by Emily’s office to have a letter notarized. Since I’m taking Adrian to Canada in, oh, two days, and I don’t want to try to convince a suspicious border guard that I am not kidnapping my own son, I had Emily draft a letter detailing the trip, her permissions for me to go to various places and also to change travel plans at my discretion and to set medical and well-being policy for Adrian while we’re away. You’d think there would be a lot of places to just download a form like this and fill in some blanks but there were very few online, and the best one I found was Canadian and required a Canadian address be entered in one of the parental slots, so that was basically useless. The Department of State website was completely unhelpful, which is what precipitated the drafting of a letter from scratch. Emily also put it on her legal letterhead to make it look badass.

So, yeah, I guess I got a bit ahead of myself….

Adrian and I are going to Canada on Sunday night. We’ll land in Toronto then head eastwards for a week. It’s just me and Adrian because I have one plane ticket and Adrian is going as a lap infant. That should be awesome. He’s a squirmy nightmare, so I’m hoping that the seat next to me is vacant so I can strap him in there with the CARES harness we have or else that redeye flight on Sunday is going to be miserable.

This has been a Ten Minute Blog Post. Stay tuned for longer or shorter blog posts in the future, as well as Backpacking Dad Goes to Canada Travaganza!