41 thoughts on “But In A Totally Manly Way”

  1. There go two and a half minutes of my life.I guess I should be happy it wasn't about spaghetti …

    But truthfully — funny. When does the single come out?

  2. This. Um. I can't. You see….
    Ok. Words fail me.
    Like breathing does right now. Snorting, however, is very easy at the moment.

    PS: Zomg, Shawn. Jim's hair is taller than yours now.

  3. Love Scrubs. Love this.

    And now to get geeky: I notice you were wearing earpieces, so did you actually record this simultaneously, and what did you use?

  4. Absolutely fabulous. So honored to share your Coming Out Day with you sweet boys!

  5. you guys are a riot. Now gotta work on Jim growing a goti and you two can be twinsies :) aaawww.

  6. I can tell that the bromance is real when you look at each other across the split screen… there's a twinkle in your eyes that says it all ;)

  7. Dude – I so should not have watched this at work. It was hard to explain why I was laughing so hard. You need to recreate this at BlogHer11 so that thousands of bloggers can bask in the glow of your bromance. I'll have my Bic lighter (Ok, my cell phone) ready to light up as you both croon.

  8. Does this mean you guys are THE next boys band? BSBs and InSync have nothing on you. :D

  9. Why is it no surprise you can hit some of those high notes?

    Sniff. Sniff. Do I smell a following up? This is a natural No. 2:

    Awesomeness. Sheer awesomeness.

  10. Does Man Love involve the Three Smacks on the Back Man Hug, or is that just something dudes do when they're in the beginning stages of love? Also, is that an official gray t-shirt?

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