09/25/2010 By Shawn Burns

I am a very educated person, but I’m not educated about everything. I’m no master of grammar.

However, I am 95% sure that the rule for quotation marks says that when a quotation ends a sentence then the quotation mark closes the quote after a period even if there is no period in the text being quoted. For instance, if I am quoting Lincoln and I decide to end a sentence with “Four score and seven years ago” I must place the period ending the sentence within the quotation marks. As in:

This sentence ends with the opening of the Gettysburg Address, which reads “Four score and seven years ago.”

But even though I am 95% sure that this is what I am supposed to do I refuse to do it. I only include actual quotations within quotation marks. And if that means I’m going to grammar hell, then as Bart Simpson would say, “Eat my shorts”. Man.

(Editor’s Note: If you Google “grammicaster”, which is the original title of this post, you will find nothing but me going around the Internet being a grammaticaster.)