Naturebridge Programming Begins In Marin: Go make s’mores.

When I take the kids hiking I almost invariably go across the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County. The variety in trails and environments is fantastic, and I not-so-secretly want to move to Marin County one day.

You don’t have to be a solo-trekker or Marin resident to enjoy the experience, though. Naturebridge, a non-profit dedicated to getting your kids’ asses off the couch and onto a log around a campfire in the woods is kicking off their school year of programs at the Headlands Institute in the Marin Headlands on September 11th.


The first event is a campfire/hike from 6-8:30 tonight. You can register here. It’s $10 per person.

I may miss this event, but I’m going to keep the calendar of events in mind when I’m trying to think of ways to get the kids out of the house without going to yet-another-damned-playground. Hey, there’s sailing! I don’t sail, really, but that’s kind of cool. I like the idea of sailing.

(This has been an unsponsored post for an apparently cool program that I know slightly more than you about, but only because I’ve read the webpage and you haven’t. Yet. Well, I guess NOW you know as much about it as I do. Go literacy.)

4 thoughts on “Naturebridge Programming Begins In Marin: Go make s’mores.”

  1. Move to Novato. I spent my little years there….loved it. As an adult I brought my kids to my favorite tree for pics (I know…ridiculous). I have great kid memories: precarious swings hung by someone way up in the hills, deer eating gardens, the Braille Institute (right? I'm not making that one up, am I?), seeing the GG bridge from one window IF it was clear, etc., etc.

    You probably don't really care about these kid memories…but you made me smile tonight. Thanks!

  2. Sailing is awesome. I took a sailing course once. I don't know why cause I don't live on the water and will never have a boat. I had a great time though and loved it.

  3. Great idea. I'm sick of playgrounds. There may be a different bunch of them, but they start to all look the same… even to the kid. Nature… what a cool idea. ;)

  4. Oooh. Thanks for the tip. My 12-year old will probably love it, while the 4-month-old might appreciate it more next year.

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