On second thought I’m not going to buy any new plastic forks

Because look, the little plastic forks are just as pointy as the metal forks we use, and actually since most metal forks have square-tipped tines and most plastic forks have circular-tipped tines the metal forks are actually LESS pokey unless they are used to stab with a force no toddler can muster. (Like, if fending off a burglar I’d go with a metal fork over a plastic fork because the plastic fork would just break with 200 lbs of stabbiness behind it.)

So, no more plastic forks.

6 thoughts on “On second thought I’m not going to buy any new plastic forks”

  1. Ummm… my toddler always manages to bite off the tines of a plastic fork, causing me a minor panic attack. So no plastic forks for me either.

  2. I very much hope that you tested your stabby-fork-hypothesis by attempting to stab various things with it. Mushrooms. Melons. Meat. Other food words that start with M.

    It's an M kind of morning I guess. Hey! Another M-word!

  3. I agree. I'm not a fan of plastic forks either. My kid uses a regular fork and a butterfly knife with her chicken nuggets.

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