The Backpacking Dad Appreciation Society

09/13/2010 By Shawn Burns

I have a fan page. I did not write it.

It’s here.

It’s an example of what happens when you play chicken with someone who doesn’t blink.

  1. Jessica Gottlieb
    JessicaGottlieb Ask, it’s not like you’ve never heard "no" before.
  2. BackpackingDad
  3. Jessica Gottlieb
  4. Jessica Gottlieb
    JessicaGottlieb @BackpackingDad take a risk, it’s better to feel hurt briefly than to be ignored.
  5. BackpackingDad
    BackpackingDad @JessicaGottlieb Fine. Jessica, will you start a group blog with me about how awesome I am?
  6. BackpackingDad
    BackpackingDad @JessicaGottlieb Posts will go up thrice-weekly. Fridays are for "What I would buy Backpacking Dad" blasts.
  7. BackpackingDad
    BackpackingDad @JessicaGottlieb Those blasts, of course, would be sponsored, but only by the very awesomest of companies.
  8. BackpackingDad
    BackpackingDad @JessicaGottlieb And then I would get whatever is in that post.
  9. Jessica Gottlieb
    JessicaGottlieb BackpackingDad Appreciation Society: What I Would Buy Backpacking Dad: Balls

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Not to be nit-picky or anything, but I did say that Fridays, not Mondays, were devoted to the “What I would buy Backpacking Dad” posts. I’m sure it’s just growing pains. I don’t think my fan has very much experience with blogging. That’s her first post.