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I am not a morning person. You know how people say that and then what they mean is they don’t get up at 5am? I mean that I wouldn’t even get up at 8am if I didn’t have a toddler complaining about his baby cage for 45 minutes (so, doing the math, he gets up at 7:15 and I try to ignore him right? No, I don’t ignore him. Of course not. That would be neglectful. I try to encourage him to jump out of his crib on his own, go to the fridge, get some milk, get a chair, pull it up to the counter, climb up, get a cup, pour the milk into the cup, fasten the lid, and then get back into his crib all on his own so that I can come to terms with the fact that it’s still before 10 am).

I used to work swing shift, from 3-11, and as hard on a relationship as that shift can be it was also perfectly suited to my body clock. Sleep very late, go out, work, go out later, home, asleep by 4 or 5. Now I am often drawn to the wrong side of dawn and I know it is going to hurt me in the morning because Adrian doesn’t actually know how to bust out of his baby cage yet.

You? Dealing with morning children and night-owl selves?

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  1. I am not a morning person either, i wake up when my 5 yr old opens his bedroom door (which incidentally usually wakes up the 2yr old in the room next to his) which is around 7:15am….

  2. OMG. We are so suffering with this. Both BD and I are night owls (although I can couple that with bouts of insomnia, which leads to no sleep for 36 hours, but I digress…). The boy wakes up at 7am, a not-so little bundle of energy and sunshine. Not a fun time, when we generally can't seem to fall asleep before 1am. On the weekends it's a battle of wills because the boy wants to go outside and play NOW, while Mom wants to roll up on the couch and sleep some more since it's only 7:30am on a Saturday morning.

    And I hate the taste of coffee, so no ability to wake myself up faster that way. Now you know why I'm "Crabby Mommy". It's the lack of sleep.

  3. My husband and I are BOTH total night owls. Getting up with my son at 8 or 8:30 is a struggle for me. Even with all the years I worked at 8 or 9, I NEVER got used to getting up so early. It's just not my biological rhythm.

  4. I adjusted my clock, although i would often get to go back to sleep once the kids were off to school. Now i'm working graveyard and it's certainly granted me not only much more flexibility when it comes to going to sleep whenever to wake up at some unhealthy hour, but it's also finally granted me the ability to nap.

    Face this fact: morning people get more done. Embrace it.

  5. My son thinks his daily routine includes waking up at 6:30 (this time of year that is before the sun) not just crying or anyting easy like that, he wakes us up with this ear piercing scream that no male should ever be able to achieve. Seriously it's like a mezzo soprano or something. All of which his sister sleeps right through even though she NEEDS to get up that early to shake that non morning person crabbiness before she gets on the bus for school. We have horrid mornings in our house. I need a vacation from mornings!

  6. My wife is a night owl and has pulled me into her ways. She works from homw so many nights she is up until 2 or 3 working. Unfortunately for her she then has to get up a few hours later. It is what it is and we survive, but some times I dream of the getting to bed before midnight nights. :)

  7. I have my own sleeping problems… I used to like the fact that my daughter woke up early, so I had an excuse, but now she seems to be waking up later than me.

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