Backpacking Dad Writes His Dissertation and His New Best Friends Agree to Babysit His Blog

10/04/2010 By Shawn Burns

I’m locked away in a library now thinking big thoughts and typing those big thoughts down and trying to do all of that until Thursday at which point I’ll be going on vacation because Emily quit her job and doesn’t start her new job for two weeks so we’re going to Disneyland. If I ever get this chapter written.

In the meantime, though, I’ve lined up a number of guest bloggers who have every so kindly agreed to fill this space with light and to put their thoughts in you.

Coming up while I’m locked away and possibly on vacation:

Peter Carey from The Carey Adventures tries his hand at daddy-blogging and succeeds. His post kind of makes me want to quit; it’s that good.

Meghann from Midget Invasion tells us all a story about this one time when she had a clump of grass stuck in her nose. She didn’t think I’d be interested in sharing a post about a clump of grass that had been up her nose, but I don’t blink.

Speaking of not blinking, Adam Avitable from, well, Avitable, writes the world’s sweetest love letter to me and I don’t blink. Because I may have had to bleach my eyes.

Heather the Babyshrink answers one of my questions about sibling conflict and refrains from writing an entire book but still gives a very thorough answer.

And finally, since hockey season is starting any second now, I have a post from Daisy all about the world’s greatest sports franchise, the Detroit Red Wings.

Enjoy the posts to come, and thanks again to my new best friends.