Billy Joel Saw It Coming

11/26/2010 By Shawn Burns

You used to be able to get by in the world without being good-looking. Hell, you could be a plain musician but still be a superstar.

That hasn’t really been the case for most of my lifetime. But just before my generation the world was true in dark greys and pockmarks.

Now we want to know what the auto-tuned pop star thinks about the world because he’s such a great talent, evidenced by all the people willing to pay for the effortlessly mediocre.

“Don’t you care about the new fashion, honey?
All you need are looks and a whole lotta money.”

I don’t know if Billy Joel was talking about what was coming and warning us, but Billy could never have broken out in the music industry today. What you need now: looks and an investor who can afford makeup, wardrobe, image-consultants, and software. You don’t need any talent for anything beyond getting attention.

I don’t know how to raise kids in a world that rewards attractive misbehaviour over talents and effort. So here’s hoping that some unforseen revolution saves us from the idiocracy looming.

I think someone may have to break the Internet for it to happen, though. Would that be worth it?