Renaming Fatherhood: The working dad.

“The SAHDs get all the attention on the internet. Any working dads want to help establish our presence? First up, a cool acronym.” ~Jim, Busy Dad

Stay at home dads seem to have more of a presence on the web than working dads do. Well, stated a bit differently, stay at home dads who are on the web in order to participate in a parenting community seem to have more of a presence; there are lots of dads on the web, most of whom are on the web because they are working and not because they are networking with other parents. But it’s true that the working dad, as a dad, gets very little attention.

Dads don’t have the Daddy Wars problem to anywhere near the extent that moms do, or worry they do. Dads aren’t flaming each other for choosing to work or choosing to stay home or defending their choices as unavoidable or pragmatic. (Arguably moms aren’t flaming each other over this either, but there’s a media perception at least that this is the case.) This is a consequence of privilege, not superiority. Nonetheless, the working dad doesn’t get noticed, or appreciated, as much as the stay at home dad does.

Stay at home dads get the cool (cool?) acronym: SAHD. What do the working out of the home dads get? WOHD. That’s lame.

So, my working brothers, I propose that you adopt the following moniker: Double-Duty Dads. It’s an aspiration in many cases to actually pull off the double-duty and be just as present for the kids as for the job, and vice versa. Some of you even manage it while making it look easy.

Also, the acronym for it is DDD, or Triple D, and that makes me laugh.

11 thoughts on “Renaming Fatherhood: The working dad.”

  1. A wise Chinese dude once said "A journey of a thousand miles starts with one cool acronym." Our journey has begun.

  2. As a "DDD", that reads your Blog, and others as they relate to Parenting and Fatherhood. I like it. We the many, they overlooked, the tired, and the stressed, all we crave is a "DADDY'S HOME" and once they go to bed, we do the dishes and balance the checkbook, while our wives who have fought the good fight of "give that back", "stop hitting your sister", and "inside Voices"; veg out in front of a good chick flick from the movie rental place. All to arise at 5:30 and start again by making lunches and waffles.

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