Stop Lurking, Lurkers

01/13/2011 By Shawn Burns

I’ve been told that today (Friday the 14th!!!!) is “Guilt-trip Your Lurkers Day”.


I know you’re out there. Because although the usual cast of criminals comments pretty regularly here (and owing to which they are all invited over to my house the next time I make a ham), their numbers are dwarfed by that of you, the silent-but-violent majority.

I don’t want you to just say “hi”, though. If you’re a lurker (someone who hasn’t left a comment, say, in more than 3 months or fewer than 3 times last year) I want you to help me out.

Since you are provided all of this fabulous content for free (and I know you wanted to pay me for that post I wrote about Twitter Lists), and I don’t run ads, and you don’t leave comments, our relationship is a bit one-sided. So, in payment I require of you, Dear Lurkers, some blog prompts.

What would you, the audience, like me to write about?

You can also say “hi”.

But I prefer blog prompts.

Or you can pay me cash and we’ll speak no more about this “lurker” nonsense.