Not Every Dad Blogger Can Claim to Have Been Quoted in Bitch Magazine

But now a few of them can.

Please enjoy an article on dad blogs, dad blogging, online dad community conferences and more in the Spring issue of Bitch magazine, called “It’s Hard Out There For a Pop.” The author, Rachel Fudge, quotes or namedrops such dad blogging luminaries as:

Brian Reid (Rebel Dad)

Jeremy Adam Smith (Daddy Dialectic, Mothering Magazine)

Mike Adamick (Cry It Out, Jezebel)

Greg Allen (Daddy Types)

PJ Mullen (Real Men Drive Minivans)

Sweet Juniper!



Rice Daddies

…and me. I’m the cute one.

No, you’re right. Mike is the cute one.

Rachel is also the author of my very favourite article about Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever. I’m not saying dad blogging is as interesting as Buffy, but we have our moments. Anyone else remember when Whit Honea cast that spell that turned all the potential dad bloggers, Potenties, as we call them, into actual dad bloggers to help save the world from a roiling sea of Perez Hiltons? Even then, it took Black Hockey Jesus’ sacrifice to burn them all to cinders and collapse the Hellmouth in on itself. Good times.

I don’t remember how to end blog posts anymore. So…The End.

4 thoughts on “Not Every Dad Blogger Can Claim to Have Been Quoted in Bitch Magazine”

  1. I couldn't have cast that spell by myself. There were a lot of good men that made that possible. We just worked as a team and took each day one at a time. The fact that I was the only one with a handy supply of eye of newt is great, but I'll take the win over personal accolades every single time.

    And Perez Hilton can bite it.

  2. Didn't even see that — sweet. And you are totally right. I AM cuter … in my blog posts.

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